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I just finished this artwork today, and even created a fun little video to share it with you!  The piece is called "Sunset In My Room", Acrylic on hardboard, 12"x12".  I hope you enjoy this video!  Thanks for watching!  ~EBENLO


Well, it's now February and I'm excited to share the latest with you!  I recently finished a new song called "Let This Light Shine" and I feel it turned out so great! You really should head over to the music section and have a listen!  On other fronts, I'm excited about creating more time-lapse art creation videos, and intend to do more of that as soon as I receive a new bracket in the mail for holding my architecture/phone holder lamp. I'll be posting new videos to the YouTube page as soon as I complete them!  I also recently finished "The Wisdom Track" so be sure to check that out as well in the music section.  Cheers!  



Hi all!  The most recent thing that has happened here is I uploaded 36 tracks to the music section!  Both released and unreleased tracks appear there.  By saying "unreleased" I mean you will not find them for sale at Apple Music, Amazon Music, nor any of the others just yet.  I intend to release a lot of them in September.  But for now, you can check them out, and enjoy reading the lyrics with them, as I have added them all to their respective pages.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy some music while you're here!  Cheers!  EBENLO


Hi everyone! The latest thing to occur around here is I created, a site dedicated to the online gaming poker I play in my free time.  I play a game called Prominence Poker, and it's a lot of fun. I also share poker history during broadcasts, however, it is decidedly an 18+ Twitch TV channel because tobacco use and weapons are portrayed in the game.  Regardless, it's a lot of fun, and I think you in the 18+ crowd will like it!  Since it's free time, I don't have a schedule, but I am doing my best to create an hour of poker play per week for you guys to enjoy.  So check it out!

Thanks for checking out the latest, here at!


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